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Com Truise, Galactic Melt

The reason people are already obsessed with Com Truise prior to his debut LP drop is not because he is copping early 80s proto-electronic tropes, as his press release suggests, but rather that he synthesizes everything people loved about 90s electronica. You don't have to dig deep. Think Aphex Twin and Boards, not Klaus Schulze and Soft Cell.

While man behind the Com Seth Haley isn't saying anything that's new, he's restating the case for what's already been proved beautiful and dreamy pretty flawlessly.

Check a single from Galactic Melt: Com Truise, “Brokendate”

And hey look, stream the whole thing (via):

Dude's already headed on a US tour with Glitch Mob and Phantogram this summer. Watch out for him in your area.