Stream Radar Eyes’ Radiant Remains Before it Hits Shelves!

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Radar Eyes – comprised of Anthony Cozzi, Lucas Sikorski, Russ Calderwood, and Nithin Kalvakota – has been specializing in garage/post-punk/hardcore music since 2007 in the streets of Chicago. Their upcoming release Radiant Remains is the next chapter in their work, slightly different than its predecessors, but just as wildly amazing. With a little more of a nod toward 80’s and surf pop infused as one, it’s a unique and intricate work. We’ve got the exclusive stream before its September 2nd release.

“Dreaming of Giants” is the first track, a composition that has a surf pop feel to it more than anything. With the lyrics, it’s like an 80’s rock band meets the Beach Boys, and Cozzi’s waning voice brings it over the edge of weird, into a space of comfort. “Community”, a recent single, has a much more light rock feel to it, while “Between Two Worlds” follows suit. Both feel lighter, freer. “Desert Shore” makes the listener feel like a badass because of its intense guitar riffs and heavy drumming from the beginning. But make no mistake, it’s upbeat as well and very fun to dance to.

But how else would you follow than to have a song called “Hungry Ghost”? Perhaps the most uptempo track so far, the melodramatic lyrics bring it into a different space than you would anticipate early on. “A Daughter’s Hymn” slows it down – as the name would entail – but still brings a deep, darker composition with it that makes it feel less like a hymn and more like a sadistic, beautiful cry. We’d be lying if we said “Midnight Drive” didn’t feel like just the song to roll your windows down to, be it at night or in the heat of the summer sun.

The band slows it down with “Calling Cassandra”, bringing back in that surf pop sound and making us feel like we just might be in a darker version of Wayne’s World. (Get it? Cassandra?) “Fall Into Place” feels light, tranquil even with the infinite layers of instrumentals in it. Even Cozzi’s voice sounds lighter in this one, a love song a little bit more suited for the masses. The work ends with “Positive Feedback”, which is exactly what we’re giving this album.

Trust us.

Radiant Remains will be available on LP, CD, and download September 2nd via Under Road Records.