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Really Really Big Pinecone is the sort-of self-titled debut album from Really Big Pinecone (a new project from Zannie Owens, Mikey Buishas, and Greg Albert), recorded straight to tape on an 8-track at Gravesend Recordings. The tape deals in playful melancholy, down to the cover, which features a toppled pinecone-topped ice cream cone inside a handpainted fish tank diorama. Albert is currently a member of Celestial Shore and Buishas is a former member. That influence is felt in the record’s dreamy wandering guitar, though the vocals are more in the realm of twee indie pop (Frankie Cosmos, Architecture in Helsinki). Really Big Pinecone wraps songs about longing, wondering, and most certainly pining in the neverland fairytale hues of the piners’ inner worlds. On the hooky highlight “backup plan”, Buishas addresses an unavailable friend or crush: “sneak around the parking lot / make friends with everyone / and tell me how you did,” he sings, still asking the sneaker, “keep me in your backup plans.”

Really Big Pinecone is out as a cassette and can also be streamed on bandcamp.