Stream: Running, Asshole Savant

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Running are a band from Chicago. A typical gig is around 13 minutes of noise that makes you wonder where everyone's balls went. Unlike a lot of fake “I don't give a fuck” punk attitudes these days, Running are the real deal, and up the ante. They don't have a website. You won't find them on social media. Yet, they're everywhere, at least to those lucky enough to be in Chicago. This isn't a feigned choice, I'm convinced they just want to blow random people's minds.

Regulars of the dark corners of our DIY scene, we first caught them in the wee hours of the night at a now dead, but not forgotten place called The Mopery. This is the shit that makes your jaded, wasted heart melt at 2AM, but you don't forget in the morning. Dirty bass lines. Harsh vocal swapping. Add in a guitar that may as well be some sort of maniacal bloodthirsty eagle, a drummer that plays like he's only got one more set until he dies, and you have Running. There are some serious wacky pop-hooks and evil melody buried deep beneath the surface here. After some ultra harsh tape releases, a split with Loose Dudes, and a release on Permanent Records, they now have a new LP called Asshole Savant out on Captcha. It's probably the cleanest shit they'll put out, and comes with a flexi b-side that concludes the below track. BUY IT.