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Dan Casey, aka Yalls, has unified hearts, minds, and ears with his debut album United earlier this year from Gold Robot, and as a little Labor Day treat, Casey broke us off a little bit more of that electric dance mode on the EDDM EP.

The EP comes with an extra helping of vitamin D, in the form of  Yalls’ trademark flighty and whimsical creative approach to percussion-programming (not to mention the effects application of rapid firing sample delays, filters, etc.) on “Deadlock”, where drum kit conventions and quandaries are opened up into new key pressed portals. The collection of audio elements flutter and fly around the mix, as sub-sonic frequencies lead you to “A”, an exhibit that calms the spirit with synth plastered thoughts to compliment those last moments left of the summer. Vocal samples emerge in the mix on the apty titled “Voices”, that features fast-forwarding tapes, MIDI keyboard madness, Eastward cascading falls of notes, and the occasional retro hip-hop break thrown in for good measure. “B” follows up the previous track letter, “A”, with more mental massaging and well-mannered EDM food for thoughtearning that extra ‘D’ in the EP’s title.

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