Stream/download a new song from Hop Along, “Sister Cities”

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hop along

Philadelphia's Hop Along returned not too long ago from a wide-reaching European tour, on which they performed for masses of people singing right along with their excellent 2012 record, Get Disowned out on Hot Green Records. And now, as the band has been quiet and the melee has lulled, they've returned with a brand-new track to keep the thirsty international crowd of admirers entertained. “Sister Cities” was recorded through a special project called Shaking Through, wherein a band goes into a studio for two days to record one song, and comes out the other end with the final product. Hop Along gives us a twangy, melody-driven pop song, that clips along like horses alongside a slow-moving night train. It's beautiful, as always, and features keys and additional guitar from ex-Algernon Cadwallader's Peter Helmis and Joe Reinhart. Take a listen to or download “Sister Cities” below, then watch Frances Quinlan of Hop Along explain the recording and writing process in a short documentary.