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The British winter months are closing in, and at times that means near Arctic conditions with many layers worn and scarfs wrapped around all facial features in some sort of moc woolly “fatal head wound” homage. In these dark times, then, it falls to Summer Camp to perfectly capture the hazy feeling of sunny wanderings.

Floating female vocals shiver over Shangri-La-meets-lo-fi, especially on “Ghost Train“. There is some slightly feeble repetition in the chorus running underneath lazy lyricism but its essence remains in line with the prettiness with which it's sung. It’s almost reminiscent of “Last Christmas” by Wham! (think it has something to do with the xylophone noises) but that can only be a good thing. Luckily they incorporate more styling than George Michael and less court convictions.

The vocals get more plaintive with the dishearteningly titled “Was it Worth It?“. The cup-half-empty lyrics are at odds with the sweet singing and catchy hook. This stands in for those summer days where heat forces you to sit inside watching day time TV and feeling lame because mum always taught you to ignore Super Mario and get some fresh air.

Summer Camp is a pretty apt name for these guys. Their songs are saturated with cute phrasings and rousing choruses – perfect for camp fire singing. Plus I can imagine some geeky kid from the 1950s (Scouts scarf in hand) finally getting to kiss his childhood sweetheart behind the camp gym as “Round the Moon” plays in the soft evening air. That or the Happy Days theme tune. Songs to fall in love with, then?

If so inclined you can check out their blog and their Myspace.