Supa BWE, “Moon Goddess”

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Supa Bwe has been offering a steady stream of music all year, and is keeping the pace going as the days of 2016 dwindle down. Yesterday he released, “Moon Goddess,” a song continuing the Goddess series he started with the Hurt Everybody trio. They actually used the name before.

Though the previous tracks are no longer online, the latest is a strong example of the songs’ artistic conceit. Supa BWE weaves a tale of romance that sounds like the sonic version of “it’s complicated.” Along with vocalizing, he produced the track, setting the tone from the jump with his re-appropriation of New Edition’s classic “Poison” track.

He proceeds to melodically lament the girl on his mind, the one who won’t pick up the phone 30% of the time. “I miss the f— out of you,” he pleads. Supa BWE experiments with a range of melodies and cadences on the track. Even in his anguish, it sounds like he’s having at least a bit of technical fun exploring the boundaries of the auto-tune croon aesthetic.

Supa BWE is releasing his Finally Dead project soon, where we’ll no doubt get to hear more vocal excursions from the multi-talented artist. You can listen to “Moon Goddess” below.