Super Chron Flight Bros, “Reggie Miller”

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super chron flight brothers

The images of Reggie Miller taunting Spike Lee, his eight points in 16.4 seconds, his 25 point fourth quarter and the forever loathed choking pantomime to Madison Square Garden are ingrained in Knicks fans for life. Reggie Miller was the Knicks Killer. But what most don't know is he was also the butt of New York slang.

Super Chron Flight Brothers are following up 2007's <em>Emergency Powers and its Deleted Scenes mixtape with the long-awaited Cape Verde. The first single “Reggie Miller” resurrects a local slang for schwag weed as Billy Woodz and Priviledge wax nostalgia. Woodz puts it best when he says “there's a fine line between schwag and leak grade.” The verses are split up with an excerpt from The Wonder Years, which earns some serious points – listen for it. “Reggie Miller” is produced by Willie Green.

Speaking of nostalgia the guest appearances listed for Cape Verde are Masai Bey, Bigg Jus and Vordul Mega. It will be interesting to hear if these artists still have the gift of gab that pushed them into notoriety in the late 90's and early 00's.

Cape Verde is out June 22 on Backwoodz Studioz.

Super Chron Flight Bros, “Reggie Miller”