Super Minotaur tape Hawaii Pee to release on Record Store Day

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super minotaur

After reporting on the news that both Sound Fix and Bleecker Bob's will close in the coming months, we've been way more conscious of what treasures we'd miss out on if record stores weren't around. Super Minotaur, one of our favorite shillers of analog fast-paced punk and sideways, freaked out lo-fi, is releasing their latest tape, Hawaii Pee, on Record Store Day (4/20) through Mind Fortress and on a 12″ through Cold Slice. The EP is available to stream on their Bandcamp now, but we highly recommend picking up the tape. We've covered these young Chicago men before with their S/T tape release, and with the release of Hawaii Pee, we're excited to watch what happens with the growing popularity of their garage pop sound.

Check out our new favorite track, “Crush,” below.