Super Whatevr, “Good Luck”

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Hailing from Orange County, Super Whatevr–comprised of Skyler McKee (vocals/guitar), Robert Rutan (lead guitar), Thomas Waale (bass), and Like Mensink (drums)–is, admittedly, the direct result of some bad life decisions by lead Skyler McKee. The sound is melancholy wrapped in an upbeat, entrancing bow.

We’ve got the exclusive premiere of their latest track “Good Luck” below.

The song starts off slow, with heavy guitar to set the tone. Once the vocals hit, everything is staccato and poignant, almost like Super Whatevr is trying to mask the sadness in the words. The instrumental buildup during the line “Oh my God, you are so messed up” is invigorating in a way that not many tracks can claim anymore. McKee’s voice conveys the emotion he speaks of in the song with such clarity that you can almost feel the band feeling the sentiment of the piece as it plays.

They have mastered the art of keeping the inspiration in the track. They have opened up our eyes to a new zest to connect passion to the music we listen to. And they’ve done it with just one song.

“Yknow how sometimes you love someone and then you realize that things are toxic but you miss the manipulative nature of the relationship and can’t seem to move forward?” McKee asks. “Yeah that’s what ‘Good Luck is about’. I loved that you hated me.”

Super  will play Echo Park Rising on August 19 at the Last Knight.

The Good Luck EP is out August 26th. It is available for preorder now.