Talmont, "Moving Further Than Before"

Post Author: Andre G

London based band Talmont all arrived in their home city separately, with disparate musical experiences and inclination. Over a period of three years, the group developed their sound into a gorgeous melding of dream pop, hip-hop, jazz and indie rock. Such is the case on “Moving Further Than Before,” a bittersweet day-after-breakup song.
Talmont succeeds here at using the buoyant instrumentation to juxtapose singer Martha’s sullen lyrics. The band crafted a massive soundbed ready to creep out of festival speakers all summer – though they expertly leave spots for Martha’s voice to shine over dusty trip-hop drums. As she sings, “I don’t mind if we stay friends/because loving you is all I yearn,” the track’s blaring horn samples serves as a silver lining amongst the fractured romance. It conveys the track’s overall message that even when a chapter is closed, you should hold firm in the realization that you’re progressing through subtraction.
You can stream “Moving Further Than Before” below.