Telepathic, “Suit to Fit”

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Sarah Everton and Rob Garcia

The second release from a new band can sometimes make or break their place in a music scene, or perhaps even their sound, if things don’t live up to the expectations set by the first; or the band members’ previous projects, for that matter. Telepathic, the new-ish project from ex-Bleeding Rainbow’s Sarah Everton and Rob Garcia, released their debut Powers of Ten EP earlier this year, coming out of the gates with a sound that toyed with punk, psych and pop sensibilities. Their second EP, entitled Time Release, is due out January 18, and from the sound of its first single, “Suit to Fit”, the punk side of things is taking over in a great way. The first chord struck is a dam breaking, unleashing a rushing flood of fast, gainy guitar, and incensed, yet prettily calming vocal harmonies, unrelenting for its entirety. A catchy, but more emotionally driven, melody sprints through in full freedom and it’s immediately evident that the Philly trio (with Paul Brinkley on drums) are progressing just fine, honing a captivating balance of light, dark, punchy and caressing. Expect no sophomore slumps here.