The Alchemist, “Diagnosis” (feat. Action Bronson)

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The Alchemist Diagnosis

In collaboration with Dr. Romanelli, aka DRx's Coca-Cola inspired fashion line, The Alchemist did his own patch work with samples of Coke commercials throughout time. From Tin Pan Alley jingles to the “can't beat the real thing” era, The Alc's soundscape of juxtaposed Coca-Cola broadcasts over boom-bap drum work and distorts Bill Cosby's endorsement into an acid-head approval, while Action Bronson shows up mid-mix to do Bam-Bam things like share stories from the neighborhood and make outlandish bets on Mid-America Conference football games.

The title, “Diagnosis”, makes us think of Doc Hollywood starring Michael J. Fox. “Give the kid a coke” was once the diagnosis of pedetricians nationwide, as though it had a healing power for upset stomaches. That said, a fountain Coca-Cola has been known to allieviate a hangover.