The Ancients, “Molokai”

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the ancients

“Molokai” is the lead single from Night Bus, the forthcoming album by Melbourne quintet The Ancients. Night Bus, out October 18, is another solid entry in the ever-blooming catalog of Australia’s Chapter Music. “Molokai” is the album’s walkabout centerpiece, a constantly shifting and surprising psychedelic-pop-tinged patchwork. Yuko Kono—of The Shaggs-loving Japanese group My Pal Foot Foot—opens with ghostly keys before drummer Julian Patterson—of Mum Smokes and Minimum Chips—casually rolls down like a paisley window shade. Bassist Georgina Ward hints at “Hello, Goodbye” in her initial line, as Jon Michell (also formerly of Mum Smokes) coos lackadaisical and guitarist Hamish O'Neill spikes engaging counterpoints. There are really like seven different sections to this song and Patterson keeps things daisy-chained together with laid-back Ginger Baker fills across the bar lines. It’s just when you think The Ancients can’t get any higher that they do exactly that—the coda of “Molokai” is the addictive celebration of the journey, making every second of this drowsy, guitar-driven lament not just joyful but also worth the trip.

Pick up Night Bus via Chapter Music on October 18 at this link.