The Bandicoots, "Dead End Street"

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

“Dead End Street” is the new single from indie rock quartet The Bandicoots.  Hailing from Ontario, Nicolai Kozel (Guitar), Andrew Parkinson (Drums and Vocals), Lorant Polya (Bass), and Justin Ross (Guitar and Vocals) have created a sound that is reminiscent of sixties rock bands, but at the same time has a fresh sound that isn’t streaming today.  With layered guitar work and harmonies,The Bandicoots have a dreamy sound in “Dead End Street” that gets trippier as the song goes along.
Singer Justin Ross’s thoughts on the song:

When I’m writing songs, I usually find myself hiding behind the words as often as possible. I’ll pile on as many metaphors I can so that when I eventually get up to sing them in front of people, the ones I’m singing about might not realize its about them. With this tune though, I basically said fuck it and tried to be as clear as I could. Doing that kind of helped me smooth out the edges of the thing I was dealing with, since I was forcing myself to stare straight at it.

The perfect tune to listen to at the end of your day.

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