Nathan Oliver, "Sing Blue Silver"

Post Author: Ian Schneider

Nathan Oliver‘s third studio release – following Nathan Oliver (2007) and Cloud Animals (2009) – is a six song EP titled Head in The Sand. Nathan Oliver is a project created by Nathan White, and is influenced by alternative rock greats, such as R.E.M, The Shins, The Cure, and many more. Nathan Oliver is inspired by the standard set by these legends, but White as cultivated his own sound within the project.
You can tell from “Sing Blue Silver”, a single off of the EP, that The Cure had a massive impact on White’s writing and sound. The heavy bassline that coincides with the haunting vocals and symbols from the percussion fuse together to take the listener back in time to the prime of alternative rock. The introspective lyrics tie in perfectly with the flow of the music.
“Sing Blue Silver” reflects the sound that White has curated for Nathan Oliver and the EP Head in The Sand.

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