Town Meeting, "West Of Seattle"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

New England-based folk/americana quintet Town Meeting – comprised of Luke Condon (guitar, vocals), Russell Condon (drums, vocals), Dean Adrien (lead guitar, vocals), Tim Cackett (bass, mandolin, guitar), and Brendan Condon (harmonica, tambo, vocals, dancing) – may have shared a nifty playlist with us today, but we’re here for their new track “West Of Seattle”, which they have so graciously chosen to premiere with us.
Light, beautiful plucking begins the song, building into an almost more delicate collection of instrumentals. With the addition of the vocals, we almost melt in the track’s sudden blaze of glory, as we’re enveloped in the warmth of their collective singing. There’s no denying it, these guys could rock an a cappella outfit with ease.

“West Of Seattle” will be out June 2nd. It is available for preorder now, and will be found on their upcoming EP Geography: Part I. Keep up with Town Meeting here.