Stream The Beverleys' self-titled EP in full

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the beverleys

Toronto's The Beverleys are not fucking around. Despite their simple name and their self-titled EP, the scuzzpunk trio is on a mission to scorch every listener's ears and brand us all with Beverleys holy water until we're speaking in tongues. The trio unleashed their three-track EP this morning, and while the first song we spoke to you about last week was full of dastardly grime, the EP doesn't even attempt to disappoint otherwise. The tracks waver between in-your-face roughness and Breeders-style wolf-in-sheeps-clothing sweetness, even throwing in a memorable poppy guitar line here and there. The closing track has the line “Get me out of here / I don't like the look of this place” and it has us thinking that we'd be happy to join them, wherever and whenever possible.

You can pick up The Beverley's EP from Buzz Records when it releases on February 11.