The Black Black, “You Are My Personal Pronoun”

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Brooklyn’s post punk trio The Black Black – comprised of Jonathan Daily (guitar/vocals), Sean McRee (bass), and Tomoyasu Ikuta (drums) – has a propensity to address modern issues in a really fun way, with danceable instrumentals and a garage party vibe. Their latest offering is a love song wrapped in punk, and we’re very excited to premiere it. Dear world, this is “You Are My Personal Pronoun”.

The guitar riff hooks you from the very beginning. Daily’s haunting vocals dance across the fun percussion set, as they sing about a very vividly painted infatuation with their personal pronoun. And then the instrumentals blur into an other worldly mess of happiness, and we have to admit there isn’t an aspect of this unique track that we don’t absolutely love.

The Black Black’s new EP Adjusted I is out September 30th.