The Books love math, write song about it

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the books the way out

No one is making music like this, a press release and its resulting blog posts note.

True, we're short on people singing church choir-style about “the irrational sin versus tangent 45.” No one's jumping on nerd wave, but swap in some woe-is-me musings about the ladies in place of a love song to math and we're looking at something that's as much a soft-heeled take on mid-career Caribou as it is the Books without all that found sound collage work.

Not to say that the production isn't robust, or that the guitar lines don't recall Lemon of Pink in all their arpeggiated precision. We're just looking forward to the weirdo samples that will hopefully be buried throughout The Way Out, their first album in five years, out this summer on Temporary Residence.

The Books, “Beautiful People”