The Collected Blogoworks of Sumsun

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Our title may exaggerate, but here are some tracks we dug up from a new favorite dance project.

Special thanks to Get Off The Coast and Friendship Bracelet for being early adopters of Sumsun's cross-pollinated branch of pulsating music that synthesizes everything from campfire to new age for their crystal-refracted textures, without letting up an inch of the dance floor.

No question that the lights are turned low for these Sumsun tracks, really low, so that some people can bob in peace with mopes on their faces and no one suspecting a thing. And check their Myspace to hear the more ambient, whimsical side to an upcoming full length called Samo Milagro.

Here's one's off that:

Sumsun, “Ants”

They told Friendship Bracelet that Milagro isn't a “beat record”, but that doesn't stop us from hearing the spirit of this music in every bass kick throb.

These are older:

Sumsun, “LSD in 1983”

Oscar McClure, “Leaves” (Sumsun Remix)

Also, they remixed Young Jeezy:

Young Jeezy, “And Then What” (Sumsun Remix)