The Fagettes' fury in bubblegum

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Take the lovechild of Hunx and his Punx and Shannon and the Clams. Dunk the bastard into a vat of steaming rock n’ roll slop. Lay it out to dry, pile on healthy doses of the farfisa and some drone. The result? The Fagettes, from Allston, MA.

The Fagettes, Vol 2 is only the beginning. The four song EP showcases the band’s strong points: inventive melodies, relatable lyrics, unrelenting refrains, their innate catchiness. The punk trio has the ability to temper bluesy rock n’ roll wailers (“Water, Tea, Alcohol”) with singalongs that are sludgy in quality and hearken back to sweet girl groups of the '50s (“When I’m With You”). Their sound is as varied but as tightly honed as their influences, which they cite as: “Guitar Wolf, McLusky, Peaches and Cher.” Factor in the fury of the Oblivians and the recent resurgence of bubble-gum punk, and we’re only halfway there.
Currently, the band has two four-song EPs to their name. Listen below and follow the link to download the entire thing for free.