The Flat Five, “Almond Grove”

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We’ve got the Impose exclusive premiere of the latest track off The Flat Five’s debut album It’s a World of Love and Hope due out October 14 on Augiedisc and Bloodshot Records. The Flat Five are an incredibly accomplished Chicago-based group of musicians that have gotten together to create refreshing, retro pop with shades of modern indie rock. With “Almond Grove”, the band has concocted a wondrously smooth tune out of earnest vocals, stunning harmonies, and bright, dreamy guitars and bass.

There is a beautiful, sepia toned wistfulness that is present from the opening swell of “Almond Grove” to its finish. As a world of endless possibilities are extolled by songwriter Chris Ligon and singer Scott Ligon, the listener is surrounded by lush vocal harmonies and classic instrumental tones that evoke the golden years of AM radio. With its blend of wry humor and sincere romance, “Almond Grove” is a song that stays with you in more than just melody, but also in the indelible mellow mood The Flat Five manage to conjure up in little over three minutes.

It’s a World of Love and Hope is set for an October 14 release on Augiedisc and Bloodshot Records and is available for pre-order now. You can follow The Flat Five on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and on their website at