The Kleenerz, “The Breakfast Breakup”

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Renewed for second season, the buddy duo of Kenny Segal and Self Jupiter return as the Kleenerz. Noir Los Angeles is the Kleenerz m.o. and Season 2 finds Segal and Jupiter weaving through the mountains on Mulholland Drive, belly-up at a dive on Skid Row, and consuming bottomless cups of cheap coffee in all-night diners. In fact, a last stop diner feels like the setting of “The Breakup Breakfast”. It’s Self Jupiter terminating her Apple Care contract and changing his Netflix log in.

Season 2‘s live and collaborative production techniques from Segal carry over from the recent success of So The Flies Don’t Come that paired him with milo. With milo the catalyst was creating an album in homage to the heyday of Project Blowed. Season 2 is the continued evolution of the Blowedians, proving there’s still gas in the engine and plenty not to be tolerated. Self Jupiter can rap circles around the world, but here he adapts to the molasses bpms with detached reflections on his deteriorating relationship. Cameos by Penthouse Penthouse and D-Styles give “The Breakup Breakfast” a caffeinated outro of warped vocals, bluesy grooves, and D-Styles precision cuts on the turntables.

The Kleenerz’ Season 2 is out June 10 on The Order Label.