The Lampshades, “Joanie”/”Table”

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Pittsburgh-based indie rock collective The Lampshades – comprised of Dane Adelman (drums), Chris Kibler (bass), and Jaren Love (vocals/guitar) – just released a new digital single in preparation for their fifth full-length release, Astrology. The single includes an A-side and a B-side, and we’ve got the official premiere of both songs right here.

“Joanie” has been claimed as a modern take on the Everly Brothers, and we can certainly hear the inspiration behind the track. It starts out with a drum beat, incorporating additional upbeat and fun percussion. The song has an interestingly clunky sound to it, but the collective two-part harmony singing over the instrumentals sounds so happy that it almost doesn’t matter what they’re singing about. The band admits that they never meant to release it under the Lampshades name, but Kibler and Adelman put it together randomly on a Saturday night and it just had to be released. (And we can certainly see why.)

The B-side, “Table”, takes a different direction in sound. Slow, bluesy, and intensely raw in its composition, it almost sounds like a completely different band. But that just speaks to the Lampshades and their musical abilities, as they aren’t necessarily restricted to one genre or one particular sound. The song was recorded by Jaren on his decade-old 4-track, and the band fell in love with elements like the quirky guitar solo and “wonderfully messy drumming.” So, with respect for the original recording, they chose to run with it on the official release.

We’re so glad they did.

Astrology is expected to be released in 2017. “Joanie”/”Table” is available now.