The Maldives, "Day At The Beach"

Post Author: Sophie Kemp

For a band called the The Maldives, “Day At The Beach” is fittingly beachy. In their new  the Seattle-based alt-rockers piece together a vision psychedelic goodness. “Day At The Beach” is a cinematic track that is heavy on distorted guitar, some ’60s-esque synth organ, and dreamy vocals. The song starts off by talking about the waves on the beach and then moves into a bleak chorus about not wanting to really live or really die. “Day At The Beach,” comes from the band’s concept record Mad Lives, which chronicles the life of a man who falls in love with the sun, falls into the ocean and slowly goes crazy. Both the song and album are trying to get a point across, done in an unbelievably fun and hazy psych rock glow.

Mad Lives, the band’s newest album, comes out March 31st. It is available for preorder now.