The most average releases of April 2012

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As far as months go, April was pretty whatever. The biggest news in music was the appearance, at Coachella, of a certain dead rapper known for his frequent post-humous offerings. Still think the Tupac Hologram was “magic” or some kind of “future technology?” Let us ruin the illusion for you. Dre, Snoop, and Coachella Corporate Headquarters hired a company that used a technique from the late 1800's to create this stage effect for you. It's called Pepper's Ghost, and read the Wiki if you are curious: “The hidden room may instead be painted black, with only light-coloured objects in it. When light is cast on the room, only the objects reflect the light and appear in the glass, making them seem as ghostly images superimposed in the visible room. The reflections in the glass, which is vertical rather than angled, create the appearance of three-dimensional, translucent ghosts.”

Well, turns out Tupac was on some boring-ass optical illusion magic eye shit. Another yawn from the month of April.

The most average releases of April 2012:

M. Ward, A Wasteland Companion[Matador]
Jack White, Blunderbuss[Columbia]
Ryan Seacrest's murder of Dick Clark
Dandy Warhols, This Machine[End Records]
Chief Keef, “I Don't Like” [Kanye West Remix and not Kanye West Remix]
Metta World Peace “Unintentionally” hitting that guy
Quakers, Quakers [Stones Throw]
At the Drive In's Coachella performance
Torche, Harmonicraft [Volcom]
The Supreme Court hearing about Obamacare vs. Dick Cheney's heart transplant
Blake Gillespie's Mortal Enemy Love Is a Four Letter Word [Atlantic]
Trampled by Turtles, Stars and Satellites [BanjoDad Records]
Facebook 2
Zambri, House of Baasa [Kanine]
The Knicks's playoff run
Toro y Moi, June 2009 [Carpark Records]
Record Store Day becoming something that's good for major labels more than independent record stores
Light Asylum, Light Asylum [Mexican Summer]
Nicki Minaj, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded [Universal Republic]