The Soft Moon successfully ride the dark wave

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You might find me off-putting because I'll tell you that the indie DIY wave is over, replaced by a group of pouty people who prefer to wear black clothes and play music that is always dark and sometimes wavy in exclusive clubs for only the most stylish of people with the deepest of wallets. And then those people will hate on me for suggesting they've got about two minutes until the next trend comes along, even though I'm only sourcing my knowledge from the last two times it happened in my lifetime.

Yet those haters, who hate me for hating so correctly, will agree that there are some bands who can transcend those obvious genre confines and successfully bridge the gap between the haters and hatees. Like Joy Division.

I'm not saying Soft Moon is Joy Division, but if we're going to be forced to go through another era listening to dark, wavy, Italo, goth (gasp!) music, then I would hope more could sound like this. They even cop the communist propaganda artwork for full effect. All I'm saying is if I have to be taken back to a John Hughes movie reference for the third time in my life (note: this is my second JH reference in less than a week), then here's hoping SM are on the soundtrack.

And just for all you exclusive kids, here's three videos of what they look like recorded by people with a lot of expensive equipment. Don't worry, no DIY here.