The Tambo Rays, "Wrong Turn"

Post Author: Mike Mehalick

Too often in life, we’re all faced with the eventualities that come with getting close to someone and recognizing it is not forever. Such is the tragic beauty in living and loving without hesitation, and the subject of a lot of great music throughout time.
You rarely hear these sorts of themes laid out over shimmering indie-pop-rock, but Oakland-based group The Tambo Rays have seamlessly fused it all to the point where you might not even recognize the juxtaposition. Their new EP, Recharge, finds siblings Brian (guitar, vox) and Sara DaMert (lead vox) coming together to process through art after the passing of their father in 2015.
“The past two years have been a healing process,” shares Brian. “Writing music was a form of therapy during these turbulent times, what came out of it was this EP.”
Today, Impose Magazine is happy to host the exclusive premiere of Recharge’s final single, “Wrong Turn,” which explores an evolved self-love alongside driving, kaleidoscopic keys, punchy guitars and buoyant rhythms.

“‘Wrong Turn’ is about accepting the hardship that followed after losing someone I took for granted,” shares Sara.
“All the ‘would of’ ‘could of’ ‘should of’s’ haunted me as I replayed my past actions on repeat in my mind. As I looked tenderly at the fragility of life, the emotional cocktails that ensued cultivated a new vantage point of inner perspective. I knew I needed to repair my present situation, but I was tightly resisting and holding onto the anger that got me here in the first place.
The chatter of my mind running in circles slowly became quieter, I gave up resisting and allowed myself to feel what was happening in my body. I felt the burning knot of regret in my stomach and I sat with it until I felt it slowly soften, untangle and dissolve.
What came to the surface was that I wanted to be loved, and that person just wanted to be loved, and all I could do was forgive myself, forgive them, forgive the situation that lead us down the wrong turn.”
Recharge is out July 17th via OIM Records (pre-order). Catch The Tambo Rays at their EP release show at The Night Light in Oakland, CA on July 21st.