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the young sinclairs

The Young Sinclairs have popped up in the annals of Impose before, and as a five-year old running project they're no spring chickens, but here's to getting to know them.

This post would be a cross-comparison between some tracks off the Beatles' early tapes and this newish song by the Raleigh's five-piece, but we all know that every time you share a Beatles mp3 the ghost of Brian Epstein personally comes to your door to serve up a RIAA lawsuit.

So let's just settle on the powers of our imagination. Listen to this song by Young Sinclairs, and then listen to pure silence, during which you imagine “Cry For A Shadow” or something.

The Young Sinclairs, “Girl I'm For Real”

To be fair, that's just one track, off an upcoming EP called We Spoke Our Minds. The band shines a light on other 60s luminaries like the Byrds in “Forever After” (off upcoming LP Chimeys) and spins its own contemporary indie shimmer, on tracks like “Up Against The Wall” (off an upcoming tape).

Needless to say their range is as wide as their output is prolific.

The Young Sinclairs, “Forever After”

The Young Sinclairs, “Up Against the Wall”

As impressive as their knack for hitting the right notes is their ability to get a handful of the right dates. Anton Newcombe's Brian Jonestown Massacre are landing on the East Coast for the first shows since last year and the Young Sinclairs are on board for a handful of the engagements:

2010 East Coast Tour Dates With The Brian Jonestown Massacre
05.28 – Roanoke, VA,The Bazaar*
06.04 – Boston, MA, Paradise Rock Club
06.06 – New York, NY, Webster Hall
06.08 – Philadelphia, PA, Theater Of Living Arts
06.09 – Washington, DC, 9:30 Club
07.25 – Floyd, VA, Floyd Fest 9 *

*Not with BJM.