Thelonius Martin, "Mask/OFF"

Post Author: Andre G

Remember when a rapper dropped a single with a fire beat and every other MC ran to the studio to record a freestyle treading lazily over the original concept/cadence? “Grindin’?” “A Milli?” “Tupac Back?” It still happens today, but to a smaller degree. We have rappers trying it with Future’s “Mask Off,” and even “everyday” #MaskOffChallenge participants who are playing around with the Metro Boomin-produced banger, but Chicago’s Thelonius Martin is the first producer I’m aware of who decided to rep for his ilk and flip it with his recent “Mask/OFF” remix.
The Save Money wunderkind took Future’s vocals and made an entirely different beat out of them, dipping Future’s warbled flow into a dreary, atmospheric soundbed anchored by alluring keys and mournful guitar riffs. Martin’s composition may not have the singular zeal of “Prison Song’s” hypnotic flute, but it’s a well constructed beat that sounds right in line with what Future has been putting together.
You can listen to “Mask/OFF” below.