Théorie Ornery, “Love Swirls Around”

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The established beat of a 90’s pop song is what sets Théorie Ornery‘s new track “Love Swirls Around” apart from other music we’ve become accustomed to lately. As if to live up to the “swirls” in its name, the beat blends slowly in with house music elements, and Théorie Ornery’s voice comes in waling, wasting no time establishing the narrative.
The narrative, by the way, has a very different origin story, and Théorie Ornery puts it in his own words:
The chorus of this song came about when my girlfriend sent me an emoji only text: the two hearts dancing, the man and woman couple, an elephant and a slice of cake.
I instantly responded with the lyrics of this chorus without really thinking about it.  I liked it enough to jot it down in my journal, and when I started the vocals for this song, they just really seemed to fit the vibe of the track thus far.  I love this chorus because of its playfulness and because it is non sequitur, which is a glimpse into who I am as a person.  I’m so happy to be sharing it with you!
Ornery’s lo-fi vocals work the song perfectly into his rare variety of R&B, allowing us a unique glimpse into what love means to him.

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