Thin Lips, “Gemini Moon”

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gemini moon

As is evidenced in this release by Purling Hiss, Philadelphia is a living, breathing organism whose music community thrives off of its companionship and camaraderie. (At the risk of leaning on a tired trope, perhaps it is the brotherly love that makes it that way.) In a brand-new release from ex-members of Dangerous Ponies, Thin Lips proves that they've got a lot to say (okay, enough of the tongue-in-cheek puns) by delivering a two-song demo as punchy and well-executed as a band of longer days. Perhaps it's the knowing confidence of singer Chrissy Tashjian as she oscillates between lo-fi grit and open-mouthed caterwauling, or maybe it's the off-melody shredding of the grabby guitar (similiar to previously disbanded Algernon Cadwallader or something in the wheelhouse of a Kinsella brother), but the debut speaks to the volume of poppunk as it has its reglorified moment.

You can stream “Gemini Moon” below and then head to their Bandcamp to stream the B-side, with more releases down the road.