Baltimore video roundup

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Videos are stockpiling in the “cool stuff I need to post on the internet” folder of my inbox, so here I am today with three of them from the city that reads.

Bethany Dinsick is busy prepping the next full length under her solo moniker. For the forthcoming album Bethany is working with Chris Freeland (Oxes) again, who also recorded 2009's loop-folk record, Bottle Tree. The PSA for “Bread” offers a first taste into Dinsick's new direction.

Bread brings awareness to the limits of the human body, the acceptance of death, the power of sexual pop imagery of females, the process of distraction/ commercialization of society, and the poisoning, destruction and potential rebirth of the Earth.

More Bethany Dinsick here, including an improv with Asa Osborne.

Summer is almost here, and Bamboo might want to soundtrack your nap in the park. Bamboo is the aural project of Elena Johnston and Jordan Bernier, both of whom who are known for their beautiful visual offerings in Baltimore. For Bamboo, the duo paints long strokes of synths to create warm and fuzzy soundscapes that fans of Zomes are sure to want to get cozy with. The duo is currently dubbing their first cassette, and have a tour in the works with Chester Endersby Gwazda.

This is a gorgeous new video for Wing Dam’s “Blanket” by Abe Sanders, who was also responsible for the whirling tides in Moss of Aura’s “Bling”. This is a careful tune, one that certainly harbors the sort of haunting tranquility found in the unoccupied spaces of a cold winter's day. Listen to more from Wing Dam here.