Tom Ashbrook – “Dusk”

Neoclassical composer shares captivating track of upcoming album

Tom Ashbrook‘s latest single, “Dusk,” is a captivating piece that sets the tone for his upcoming album Nocturnes. With a blend of synth pads and orchestral strings, the emotive and warm piece takes listeners on a journey through longing, hope and sentimental feelings. Ashbrook’s talent for creating evocative soundscapes is truly impressive, as he expertly builds up the track by introducing each instrument and melody one at a time and in waves.

The cinematic quality of Ashbrook’s music is evident, reflecting his deep appreciation for the storytelling qualities of film soundtracks. Listening to “Dusk” feels like watching a beautiful motion picture, with grand landscapes and emotionally charged scenes.

Ashbrook’s passion for music started at the age of five when he began his classical piano training. This love for music shines through in “Dusk” and his other work. In “Nocturnes,” Ashbrook explores the character pieces inspired by the falling of night and the “Blue Hour.” “Dusk” sets the scene for this album, introducing the time, setting, and color palette of the project.

Overall, “Dusk” is an impressive piece of neoclassical music that showcases Ashbrook’s exceptional talent for storytelling through music. Music lovers who appreciate emotive and evocative soundscapes are sure to find great pleasure in “Nocturnes” upon its release.