Tom Ashbrook – Nocturnes

Neoclassical composer releases cinematic, spine-tingling new album

Neoclassical artist and composer Tom Ashbrook sends chills down our spines with another breathtaking selection of tracks for his new album Nocturnes. This cinematic collection immerses us into his world of melancholic atmosphere, characterised by poignant and vulnerable instrumentation. 

Throughout the album, Tom allows his piano compositions to take the spotlight, filled with warmth and hope. Including previously released singles like “Dusk,” which feature the artist’s signature warm pads and strings, our ears are also filled with a few other riveting drum-filled electronic tracks, including “Nocturne in Eb Minor” and “Under Same Sky.” The incorporation of upbeat drum patterns adds an interesting dynamic, taking us on an emotional and introspective journey.

“For The Birds” and “Dawn” take a new turn with the addition of vocals – with soothingly stacked harmonies and melodies. This is yet another indication of Tom’s versatility – trying out new sounds and amplifying his listeners’ experiences. 

Through his range of styles and harmonies, the composer never fails to evoke strong imagery of vast landscapes and emotions of yearning, longing, and hope. With a modern twist on a more traditional cinematic composition style, it is clear Tom has landed on a new and fresh approach within the scene. 

”Nocturnes is a collection of character pieces inspired by the falling of night and of the ‘blue hour,'” he shared. “I wrote initial ideas of this concept all starting around 30 minutes before sunset and half an hour before sunrise, having talked to my dance choreographer friend about the certain release of energies at these time zones. I wanted to explore this improvising and thinking what people would be up to in these bodies of time. The ending of the day and the beginning.”

You can give Tom Ashbrook’s Nocturnes a spin below: