TRACK X TRACK: Dan Drizzy – Polygamous Entity

The Ghanaian-born Nigerian singer takes us inside his versatile, captivating new project

Step into the vibrant world of Dan Drizzy, where his latest musical project, Polygamous Entity, takes you on a captivating journey of versatility and maturity. This extraordinary extended playlist features six soul-stirring songs that invite you to immerse yourself in an immersive musical experience. Each note weaves together the intricate threads of admiration and affection for women, revealing a heartfelt tale.

The playlist’s cover art is a visual masterpiece, showcasing the Ghanaian-born Nigerian singer amidst a quartet of stunning women—a mere glimpse into the theme that awaits you. Through every melody, he shares his personal encounters and delves into the diverse facets of his love for women. The exceptional sound of Dan Drizzy embodies the authentic values of his African roots, creating an exquisite blend that he aims to share with the world.

Prepare yourself for a musical journey that will leave an indelible mark on your heart and soul. Experience the enchanting melodies of Polygamous Entity as you read on to discover Dan Drizzy’s insight on each of the tracks.


“Penisillin” is a creatively crafted song inspired by the antibiotic cream “penicillin” commonly used to prevent and treat minor skin infections caused by cuts, scrapes, or burns. On this song, I emphasise my sexual appeal on a slow afro-swing instrumental produced by UglyxTough. Through the clever use of figurative language, I replace the “C” in penicillin with an “S,” phonetically resembling a male reproductive organ (“Penis”illin), thus linking the cream to ejaculation and skin to skin sex without the use of contraceptives. Using a medical term, I express my thoughts while delivering a soothing rhythm to convey my message.


“2kidney” is a traditional love song that showcases my ability to be a true romantic. The catchy line “I NO MIND I GO GIVE YOU MY TWO KIDNEY” expresses my willingness to go to great lengths for love. The production of “2kidney” was an amazing experience for me, as I had the opportunity to work with live instruments, creating an indigenous sound popular in Accra, known as “JAMA.”


Wrapping up the year 2021 with a bang, I raised the bar with the release of my star-studded debut EP, “Business With God.” Among the tracks, the single “10K Girls” stands out. Produced by UglyOnit, this dancehall-infused afro-pop gem serves as my response to Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable.” I penned the song during a challenging breakup. With raw emotions, I channelled unapologetically my frustrations into the song, letting my former love interest know that there are literally 10,000 females ready to join my journey as my career continues to gain momentum. With the assistance of my favorite collaborator SPL DADDY and the award-winning rapper $PACELY, a member of the creative collective La Meme Gang, I was able to create an incredible masterpiece that presents a fresh take on the original music.


“King Solo” is a shorthand for “King Solomon,” as the name implies. I describe myself as a polygamous entity, attracting women not only through my physical appearance but also by emphasizing my financial capacity, which I use to court the opposite sex. The song features two of my friends, Tee and Wes7ar 22 (currently signed under 4play’s SoundCrazy), on this captivating modern dancehall rhythm. With a seductive chorus from Tee, two impactful verses from me, and a catchy hook from Wes7ar 22, the song can be described as a well-rounded musical treat.


Following my successful tour in Cape Town, South Africa, I kicked off the year 2022 with my first single, “INTERNATIONAL,” featuring the award-winning Ghanaian-British singer, rapper, and songwriter, Eugy. Produced by Anelworldwide, this afrobeat track with amapiano influences draws lyrical inspiration from my aspiration to establish myself as an international artist.


During my tour in Cape Town, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Adeline London, a rising Congolese singer based in South Africa. “Manje” is an amapiano track written in Zulu and broken English, where “MANJE” translates to “now” in Zulu. This amapiano banger is divided into two parts, with Adeline London singing about instant love, while I delve into the instant lust that comes at a price. The production of “Manje” surpasses expectations, as AnelWorldwide ensures the amapiano sound includes the necessary Afrobeat elements to make it stand out and blend seamlessly.