TOMAGA, “Gonda’s Dream”

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London-based experimental duo TOMAGA are releasing their first full length album since 2014’s critically acclaimed Futura Grotesque. The new album, The Shape of The Dance, will be released on September 19th, and was largely improvised by its two talented creators. We’ve got the exclusive premiere of the track “Gonda’s Dream”, and we’re ecstatic to share it with you.

Eery sounds, fragmented and layered over each other. A whirring, otherworldly noise, percussion that sounds like footsteps, an additional beat that sounds frantic. And then move in other, more intricate, layers of percussion. It’s ethereal, tranquil, becoming more like the sounds of a rainforest than our original alien associations. It’s the perfect backdrop to almost any situation you could be in, and, frankly, we might be playing it on repeat all day. (We are.)

The Shape of The Dance is out September 19th.