Tonight: Live stream Greg Fox and C Spencer Yeh , Hubble and The Dreebs

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We continue our live stream series of the Infinite Limbs curation of late Monday nights at Le Poisson Rouge. If you missed last week's live stream, you missed 1) the epic lighting that Le Poisson Rouge has available for bands who usually play under one overheating flood, and which totally complements the mood; 2) Justin Frye of PC Worship smashing one of his guitars during the first song, then singing from the soundbooth, and then singing in a lounging position on the floor while the entire crowd got up on stage and usurped every band member's actual instrument for an epic jam; and 3) the fact that you could watch the whole thing without leaving the comfort of your very own home (although, if you wanted to leave the comfort of your very own home, the show starts at 10 and they have a good happy hour running for the entire first hour of the show). Tonight's show has the same ability to pop-off: Jordan Bernstein, the bewigged guitarist of the Dreebs, is celebrating his birthday, and its their tour kick-off show; Hubble plays his first set home since returning from SXSW as a new member of The Men; and the C. Spencer Yeh wildcard is in full play. Set times below the stream. Tune in!

10:30: The Dreebs (Happy Birthday Jordan Bernstein!)
11:15: Hubble
Midnight: Greg Fox & C. Spencer Yeh collaboration