TONI&MASH – ‘I Want It’ EP

Post Author: Aidan Grant

U.K.-German duo reconvene after solo projects for debut EP

With a wide range of influences ranging from Abrato Patti Smith, Grace Jones to The Sugababes, it’s no wonder that TONI&MASH sound as unique as they do.

Bringing an infectious Riot Grrrl attitude to their music, the duo are gearing up to release their debut EP I Want It, a diverse and eclectic-feeling three-track package. Here, they lean on ’80s synth-pop stylings, with a loud and brash demeanor that flips gender stereotypes and packs provocative lyrics.

I Want It makes for the perfect introduction to the world of TONI&MASH. This self-produced release will quickly cement them in the electro-pop scene when it receives a full release on the November 22 via Black Diamonds Records. You can preview it below via Soundcloud.