Charlee Remitz – ‘To Tell You The Truth’

Charlee Remitz is a new artist on the scene, but that’s unlikely to be the case for too much longer.

The Blonde Tongues with the new album Anxiety Dream

An unconfined sound.

Xenoula – Caramello

An Addictive Single

Trudy and the Romance Release Major Single “Is There a Place I Can Go”

Following radio spins by
John Kennedy
BBC Radio 1
s Huw Stephens
Phil Taggart
6 Music
s Tom
Steve Lamacq (as Featured Artist Of The Week)
recording sessions with Bill Ryder Jones
and Spring King
s Tarek Musa ensued
After a year of performing packed-out shows and numerous festivals
across UK and France
the trio found their way into the pages of style magazines such as
#7 Spotify viral charts
with last years floor filler
He Sings
They finished the year as part of
s Class of 2017
100 for 2017
14th most blogged artist of 2016
on the
Hype Machine Zeitgeist
end of year list.

A Triad from Liverpool.

Gabrielle Aplin Brand New Single “Waking Up Slow”

A Inspirational Piece.

Kidsmoke, Save Your Sorrow

vocals blend together flawlessly, and no element overpowers the other

Kagoule, “Centralwing”

Listless, aggressive, and pure.

Frau, “Mira”

Blistering UK hardcore celebrates ugliness.

UK’s Ghost Babes Records launches with compilation of US bands

Featuring Bellows, LVL UP, Slothrust and more!

King of Cats, “Orb Weaver”

The screen shot is not a tiny pink penis… we promise.

The debilitating power music of Vessel

Bristol’s Sebastian Gainsborough on finding creative liberation through full ownership.

Algernon Doll, “Sweet Nothing”

From their Bob Weston-produced album, before they enter into Steve Albini’s studio.

Lakker, “Mountain Divide”

There is a light there never goes out, according to Lakker.

Embracing delusion with Love Among The Mannequins

Ever wonder what an EP based on three dudes who thought they were Jesus would sound like?

Blue Minkies, about whom you’ve never heard

Literal DIY Bedroom Punk from a time before the Internet.

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