Tonstartssbandht's Dick Nights and Miahama

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Edwin from Tonstartssbandht

Way to go Tonstartssbandht.

Last time we checked in, Tonstartssbandht were doing some lovely, crunchy rock jams, but now it looks like the bro's with the funny name have combined some of the dreamier Boogie Chillin vibes of NASA, one of their side (front?) projects for two new releases, Maihama and Dick Nights.

Cassette cover art for Tonstartssbandht's MaihamaMaihama is a 20-minute cassette excursion that may blow its load right around the end of the first side when the overdriven destruction is pulled from under and the barber shop quartet (quintet?) that's been haunting the mix comes to the fore with nothing but light reverb and a case of Balearia.

Album cover artwork for Tonstartssbandht's Dick NightsDick Nights shows the potential this band has to take the raw material of late night noise dementia, silken vocal loops and the American underground's simulacrum of tropical sounds and toss them in the rusty blender of raw punk rock music. Exciting. Bodes well for all our futures.

Tonstartssbandht, “Haughty Deb” (From Dick Nights)

Tonstartssbandht, “Tahiti Nui” (From Dick Nights)

Tonstartssbandht, “Maihama” (Side A)