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Brian Eno was on to something genuine when he wrote “I'll Come Running”. It was an inherent sentiment that built upon the fantasy of marrying your childhood sweetheart, that Winnie Cooper on the block who you shun at first because you're 12, but eventually accept that you've loved her before you understood love.

Erik Jourgensen, a.k.a. Toujours, gets Eno. He does not step on Eno's toes much when it comes to delivering the lyrics, but his cover of “I'll Come Running” is far more danceable, which makes it come off as a revelation in the dull repetition of shoe-tying. Toujours does not have any highfalutin aspirations of shielding us from a classic by presenting it as its own creation, instead the song functions as an update – the chance to hear how Eno might have, still could have, presented the song in a digital format.

If you're not in the mood for bearing your soul to a significant other through the prevention of string-tripping, we've also included “Trance,” which is Toujours chopping it up like he's Paul Oakenfold in Ibiza.

Toujours, “I'll Come Running”

Toujours, “Trance”