Toupee, “Sensei, Swami, Guru”

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Gruesome depictions of a mind ill-at-ease with the world are at the core of Toupee’s new single, “Sensei, Swami, Guru”, off of their second LP Leg Toucher, out July 7 on Moniker Records. The Chicago band, never having been psychologically able or willing to passively tolerate a banal existence, epitomize an anxiety-ridden mind in this track, hardly calm, and never comfortable with itself. An opening of simply thwacked drums blare forward, in full Batman onomatopoeia-style, with a lucidly-reverbed, ambivalently picked guitar hooks over it, immediately suggesting a chilling unease in the air. Frontlady Whitney Allen’s softly siren-like vocals lure you into the darkening woods, the wolves hiding behind the trees, when suddenly all the tension built on just twenty-six seconds snaps like a twig, with a kick of a distortion pedal, both on the guitars, and on her voice. Suddenly, Hyde defeats Jekyll, murders him actually, brutally, and blood-curdling shrieks ensue. The curiously inviting voice is completely inverted as Allen growls, “Why don’t you look me in the face,” and the discord becomes real. The track only intensifies with the following verse and chorus, the hushed lyricism turning more howl-like towards its close.

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