Travis Barker furthers his street cred

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Former Blink 182 drummer and reality tv victim, Travis Barker has cut the bullshit and begun a warpath of building his hip hop credentials. He's drummed for Yelawolf, which probably looked like two long-lost bros uniting and his forthcoming solo Give The Drummer Some features Cool Kids, Lupe Fiasco, Pharrell Williams, Lil' Wayne and Beanie Sigel.

Barker's bonkers production on “Jump Down” is quintessential Cool Kids fodder, as though he constructed it with Mikey and Chuck in mind. It rides out like a less grimey “Black Mags,” but don't let that be a detractor. “Jump Down” chops G-Funk heavy hums into minimalist samples to leave plenty of operating room for Barker's sharp hi-hat and kit breaks. The format is to be expected as Barker's album is about giving the drummer some and the drummer takes without hesitation.

Mikey and Chuck do their Cool Kids thing on “Jump Down”, hella
braggadocio about everything from posing for pictures, how everybody
else is rocking last summer's gear and how they are the illest Tokyo
drifters in the Midwest.

The title Give The Drummer Some is a reference to the classic Ultramagnetic MC's track, which heavily samples James Brown's “Funky Drummer”. Barker's record has a highly-decorated list of contributors, but I'm thinking it's not official unless Kool Keith gets some shine as the originator.

Give The Drummer Some is looking at an October release date on Interscope.

Travis Barker, “Jump Down” (feat. Cool Kids)