Tropical Trash, “Ritual Bath”

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tropical trash

The accompanying cover to Tropical Trash's Think Back Kick A Beer serves the great purpose of helping us understand the excellent thrashy punk track, “Ritual Bath”. While the art itself is initially cartoony and bro-heavy, with closer inspection, there is a freakish, unfamiliar take to it, making this not just your standard punk song. The track starts with a callout to simpler times, but then immediately pushes forward like a derailed freight train. The song's standout is the fantastic rhythm section, which never ever lets up for one second, and then carries forward with abrasive guitar scratch and loose vocal screams that help the track reach its aggressive height. It's got its roots in punk but doesn't stop at feeling out grunge, thrash, and standard rock 'n roll.

“Ritual Bath” comes from a four-song 7″ that releases through Sophomore Lounge Records on August 27. You can pick that up here, and stream the hollow-hearted track below.