Troup, “Mercury And Gold”

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Mercury And Gold

Looking for the perfect song to welcome the summertime months with? Perhaps a track you can zen out to–whether experimenting with hallucinogens or not? (We’re not ones to judge.) Los Angeles-based rock band Troup brings us “Mercury And Gold” today, to make all of your dreams come true. It’s pure rock, slow and steady, complete with that characteristic croon that we have come to know and love from Alex Troup. Think mid-tempo ballad (a la Bon Jovi) brimming with emotion. It strikes us as the beginning of the season, when lovesick, All-American hopefuls set out to find summer love.

“You know you knock me out / You buy me whiskey and water, take a look at my eyes I think you oughtta know / I could be there for you, yeah, when the rain comes down and you don’t know what to do / I could be there for you.”

Alex–along with bandmates Claudio Tristano (guitar), Graham Roby (drums), Evan Beigel (keys), and James Jannetty (bass)–“paint[s] a little picture” of how he can “be there for you” despite his (seemingly) more questionable past. This man has the capacity to support and nurture the woman who inspired this incredible love letter of a song, and we’re not sure anyone else could do this message any justice the way Troup has.