True Neutral Crew, #POPPUNK

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True Neutral Crew

In an interview with True Neutral Cew, around the time of thier #MONSANTO mixtape release, Brian Kinsman hinted at a completed follow-up that took unreleased pop punk recordings from his vaults and refashioning them as mutant rap songs. This weekend TNC released #POPPUNK, delivering mutant kraut rap as promised.

The framework is contextualized with the easily translatable “Modern Art”, envisioning The Bungles as a rap group, while the parameters in which TNC's pop punk aesthetic holds up is at the mercy of their unbridled experimentalism. On “New Shit” (co-produced by Boo Hiss), all semblence of sampled punk instrumentation is deconstructed into a rapid-firing synth beat with attention deficit disorder. The challenge of defining genre is TNC's modus operand. The dystopian destruction of “More A Kid” featuring the doomed production of Robedoor extends the context further, proving TNC has no regard for our comfort zones and preconcieved notions. By closer “Can't Stop Loving You” idealism is dead, replaced with the Portugeuse crooning of Algodón Egipcio over a wailing post punk beat. #POPPUNK inverts expectation at every turn, alive with punk spirit in the most purest and base of definitions. If you can't hear it as punk, then you've never really understood the definition.

#POPPUNK is out now and streaming on TNC's Bandcamp.