TURBOSLEAZE, “Fry Kid’s PCP Adventureland”

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Turbosleaze McDonald's

Irreverent skronk-rock quartet TURBOSLEAZE have released their first single “Fry Kid’s PCP Adventureland” off their sophomore McDonald’s EP. No stranger to the ridiculous and featuring members of No One & the Somebodies and Old Table, TURBOSLEAZE is known for album titles like Balls Balls Balls Vagina, frantic guitar duels, and a “tendency to break out into four-part a capella harmonies and free-jazz inspired noise freakouts.” Think Diarrhea Planet as a Captain Beefheart cover band. For their second release they’ve upped the ante with a McDonald’s-themed concept album. The pummeling guitars of “Fry Kid’s PCP Adventureland” duel with shouted vocals before skittering to a hectic finish. It’s a commendable achievement that this Bronx-based band was able to write a song about fast food sound this excited.

McDonald’s will also be the first release under Brooklyn musician J Boxer’s (Bluffing, Fiasco, Butter the Children, etc) new label, Underground Pop Records. Boxer tells us that his goal is to “curate albums (new or old—there will soon be re-issues), often by friends within a musical community which I feel deserve wider recognition.”

With this first single, TURBOSLEAZE—with the help of Underground Pop—promise more frenzied and discordant fun on the rest of their new EP. They both will be celebrating the release on June 6 at David Blaine’s the Steakhouse in Brooklyn. You can stream “Fry Kid’s PCP Adventureland” below.